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‘Tis the season to get ready for THE RINKS’ winter camps



Winters in Southern California are not your typical wintery wonderland as children play and have snowball fights and schools are out for a snow day.

Instead, Christmas lights are wrapped around palm trees, Christmas music is on the radios of beachgoers, and the chillingly cold 60-degree weather makes some people put on a light jacket.


For dedicated California hockey players, though, winter is hockey season. As they spend their afternoons in school, every night they are at practice or playing in a game. As every player looks to gain a competitive edge and to hone their skills as hockey players, most look forward to the couple weeks of that school is let out to look for additional ice time.


To help these passionate hockey players grow on and off the ice, THE RINKS is proud to announce the All-World Hockey Institute 2019 Winter Camp.

During its 24th season, the All-World Hockey Institute will be hosting a premiere youth winter hockey camp at Great Park Ice after hosting over 600 participants during its summer programming.

In this camp, kids will spend an unforgettable three days with professional coaches, learning all aspects of the game of ice hockey at one of the official practice facilities of the Anaheim Ducks. Each day of the camp consists of on- and off-ice skills, drills, scrimmage, fun and games.

“The All-World Winter Camp is special in that while it is a fun environment for the kids, the coaches constantly challenge them to get better,” said THE RINKS hockey manager Vince Valles. “Many of our current travel hockey players and even high school hockey players have participated in our winter camp, and it shows in their play on the ice as well as their sportsmanship and community involvement off the ice. The focus of our camp is not only improving the skaters’ skills on the ice, but also teaching them sportsmanship, accountability, and just how to be a leader in general.

“It’s a special experience.”

In addition, returning for the winter season is world-renowned camp director Rick Hutchinson. With over 20 seasons of experience, Hutchinson has developed a science of running highly-successful programs, including helping THE RINKS become a USA Hockey Model Association in 2016.

“Winter is a great time for skill development,” said Hutchinson. “Hockey season is underway, and the kids are really excited to come to the rink each day. That excitement is felt and reciprocated by the coaches, and it makes for a fun and memorable camp experience. The kids love it.”


While the All-World Hockey Institute Winter Camps will be the main focus on the ice, THE RINKS will also be hosting holiday camps at The Rinks-Irvine Inline and The Rinks-Huntington Beach Inline. Players attending these four-day camps will experience professional instruction from top inline players to help better their skill development, learn proper techniques, understand the game, and learn the importance of sportsmanship. Every camp is available for players of all levels and are guaranteed to take their game to the next level.

For more information on any of the camps mentioned or if you want to spend your winter at THE RINKS, visit to find out how you can take your game to the next level.


(Dec. 26, 2019)