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Taking Liberties With… Justine Reyes



Position: Forward, St. Lawrence University (ECAC Hockey)
Hometown: Chino Hills
Last Amateur Team: Anaheim Lady Ducks
Youth Teams: Ontario Eagles, Anaheim Lady Ducks


California Rubber: You and two of your teammates, Kayla Nielsen and Lydia Grauer, had the opportunity to play two college hockey games in California this season. Did you ever think you’d have that opportunity?
Justine Reyes: It was incredible. It was so much fun to be able to play in front of my family and friends, who never get to see me play in college, and to play against another Lady Duck – Lilly Marchant plays for Lindenwood – was a bit of a bonus. Playing at Honda Center was really cool. It was something different than what I was expecting. Before the game, we practiced at the Ducks’ practice facility in Anaheim and at the Kings’ in El Segundo.

CR: You have three siblings who also play or have played hockey in some form. Is there ever a rivalry between you and your younger twin sisters (Cortney and Lindsay)?
JR: They’re seniors in high school and they’re both going to be playing at D-III schools. There was always a little bit of competition between us, but nothing too serious. I had to let them win a couple times (laughing). My older brother played roller hockey for a couple years. So I started with that. I made the switch to ice when I was five or six.

CR: Besides your older brother, who were other big influences on you?
JR: My parents (Troy and Traci) were the biggest ones. Just watching them work so hard for so long to allow my sisters and I to play and so we could travel so much. They made a lot of sacrifices for us, and those are good qualities that I can adopt.

CR: Do you have a favorite memory from your time playing in California?
JR: I’d have to say winning bronze at Nationals in 2008-09 with my 12U team.

Justine-ReyesCR: Do you have a favorite memory since leaving California?
JR: My first game at St. Lawrence was a pretty special memory for me. When I did that, I realized one of my dreams growing up. Playing throughout the years, college hockey was always one of my goals. To achieve that was incredible.

CR: When I need a good laugh, I …
JR: Just hang out with my teammates.

CR: Are you particular about any of your gear?
JR: Not my gear, but I think have some superstitious that are unique.

CR: Are there any you can tell us about?
JR: I get dressed the same way before every game – put my skates and pads on in the same order. I tape my stick the same way. Those are the main two.

CR: Do you have a favorite meal when you go home to California?
JR: I’ve got to say In-N-Out. It’s always the go-to place.

CR: Some hockey players have told us they’d go every day if they could. Are you in that camp?
JR: No, I don’t go that often in the summer, but maybe once or twice every two weeks.

CR: What are you majoring in at St. Lawrence?
JR: Psychology. I’m thinking about pursuing more education after I graduate next year.

CR: How much do you think Team USA’s women winning the gold medal at the recent Olympic Games will impact girls hockey?
JR: I think that’s huge for the growth of the sport, which has been growing a lot the past couple years. After winning, they’ve put the spotlight on it even more. I think that’s going really grow the game.

Photo/St. Lawrence Athletics

– Compiled by Chris Bayee

(May 15, 2018)