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HockeyShot Tip of the Month: Mohawk Dangles


hs1If you really want to up the challenge in your off-ice training, use drills like Mohawk Dangles!

We worked on the footwork and technique in our last article (“The Crosby Move”), but now let’s take it up a level by adding stickhandling drills. For this drill, just like the last, you will need a pair of roller blades or practice while skating. HockeyShot has the best home-ice options on the market with their Synthetic Ice panels or their Revolution Tiles.


For the first drill, we need to practice moving in one fluent motion where your heels are together and toes pointing outward. It may feel uncomfortable, so get your footing and feel down before worrying about speed. Just keep moving in one horizontal direction while in this position and stickhandle with the puck in front of you. Then slide back the other way.

Next, you’ll shift on both sides using “The Crosby Move” while continuously stickhandling. A quick reminder – “The Crosby Move” is when you keep your heels close together, your toes outward and your knees bent. Now instead of just moving side to side in a horizontal line, you are going to start doing figure eights while stickhandling. This will force you to think while moving and is a great way to start practicing before using real defenders. If you really want to challenge yourself, try using one hand as if defenders are holding you up with their stick or arms. This may seem impractical but at high levels, you’re always being tied up in the corners and whether it is legal or illegal, you have to keep moving!


The third drill is another similar to the last drill but instead of making semi-circles, you are going to move in a full circle while stickhandling. If you want to work on your dangles even more, try saucing the puck over the HS Speed Deke Trainer while still maintaining puck control – it’s not easy! Jeremy recommends doing this on both sides, so you get the feel of your backhand and forehand while in motion. It also helps with mastering the toe drag.

Jeremy recommends using the HS Green Biscuit that is an ounce lighter than standard pucks. This puck is not meant for shooting but is perfect for stickhandling and passing. Coach Jeremy also uses HockeyShot’s Allstar Dryland Tiles to avoid ruining his stick and moves in a circular motion while keeping the puck on the training surface. This helps improve stickhandling while still implementing “The Crosby Move” and maintaining that leg strength you need to protect the biscuit. If you don’t have a HS Shooting Pad, the HS Green Biscuit is perfect for the pave and other non-ice surfaces.

These drills help develop your stamina while stickhandling fluently and remaining in motion at a high tempo. These are the skills you need to get the edge on your opponents!

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— Coach Jeremy

(July 17, 2019)

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