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USPHL sees nearly 400 in-league advancements in 2018-19


When you join a United States Premier Hockey League (USPHL) junior team, you are joining a community of teams that are working together for the benefit of every player that pulls on a jersey with the league crest.

The USPHL has the nation’s highest rate of vertical player movement of any U.S. junior league, with nearly 400 cases of players moving between divisions in 2018-19.


The vast majority of USPHL member organizations have multiple teams to put each player in the setting where they will best develop with ice time, on-ice skills training and an intense off-ice workout program. This also allows for unmatched promotional opportunities.

This allows USPHL players to aim for their chance to play in the very top division, the tuition-free National Collegiate Development Conference. There were nearly 130 players who got the chance to move up within the USPHL to the Tier II NCDC, with the vast majority coming from the USPHL Premier Division, the USPHL’s top Tier III Division.

Here are some other great facts to know about intraleague advancement to the NCDC:

● NCDC teams fielded players in league games who saw action with 27 different USPHL Premier teams during the 2018-19 season.

● No less than six NCDC teams drew players from three or more different USPHL Premier players, with two NCDC teams calling players up from seven different USPHL Premier squads in-season.

● More than 35 players who played in the USPHL’s full-season or split-season (EHF Selects) Midget divisions saw time in NCDC games in 2018-19. Some of these individuals also played in the USPHL Premier during the season, as well.

● Players who saw time in the NCDC that also saw time in other USPHL divisions played in more than 1,000 NCDC games in 2018-19.

● 301 NCDC points were scored by nearly 80 players who had spent time at another USPHL level in 2018-19.

● Goalies who spent time in other USPHL divisions earned 14 NCDC wins in 2018-19.

Here are some enlightening facts about movement between the USPHL Elite and the USPHL Premier during 2018-19:

● More than 240 players who played in either the USPHL Elite or the USPHL Midget Divisions also saw time in the USPHL Premier Division during the 2018-19 season.

● The vast majority of this group of 240 players came to the USPHL Premier from the USPHL Elite, totaling higher than 180 players. Almost 90 percent of those 180 players moved from team to team within their own organization.

● The vast majority of the nearly 60 players moving up from the USPHL Midget Divisions came from the 18U Division, but there were also 11 who moved from the 16U and two jumped in from the USPHL 15U Division.

● Players who appeared in both the USPHL Premier and other USPHL Divisions (except the NCDC) skated in more than 2,700 USPHL Premier games in 2018-19.

● No less than 190 out of more than 240 players moving up to the USPHL Premier scored 640+ USPHL Premier points, as well.

● Out of more than 240 players moving up to the USPHL Premier, 28 were goalies. These goalies registered 64 USPHL Premier victories.

As you can see from these numbers, the USPHL’s multi-tiered junior structure is the best environment for a player to flourish, knowing there are so many opportunities at higher levels for the top performers.

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(July 8, 2019)

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