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NARCh caravan wraps up 2017-18 season


The North American Roller Hockey Championship Series, or simply NARCh, wrapped up its 2017-18 season with a pair of championship events over the summer.

The NARCh West Coast Finals, which topped 210 teams, took place June 21-July 1 at The Rinks-Irvine Inline.

The NARCh East Coast Finals followed July 12-22 at The Cooler in Alpharetta, Ga., attracting more than 103 teams with awards in 29 sub-divisions.


The combined field of more than 300 teams continues to attest to the popularity of the long-running tournament series, which celebrated its milestone 25th anniversary in 2018.

The tournament site in the Deep South provided a homecoming for the extended NARCh caravan, according to company president Daryn Goodwin, a California native.

“It was very cool going back to The Cooler for our 25th anniversary,” Goodwin explained. “The last time we were there was 20 years ago in 1998 and 1999. I had the opportunity to reminisce with many players, especially the pros who played in the event when they were little kids but who now are in their early 30’s.”

Several California teams made the trek eastward for the season-concluding NARCh championship event.

The Pama Labeda Golden Knights skated to the gold medal in the Women’s Platinum Division braced by division high scorer Lindsay Grigg (3.0 points per game) and top goaltender award-winner Frankie Sanchez (.941 save percentage).

The NCR Konixx Elite placed third in the 16U Gold Division behind division high scorer Ryan Tuckwood (2.2 points per game) while the Pama Labeda Golden Knights finished third in the Men’s Pro Division.

California native Troy Redmann helped guide the Mission Labeda Snipers to the Pro Division gold medal as the division’s top goaltender award-winner (.944 save percentage).

Redmann, who played NARCh as a youth, earned top goaltender honors for gold medal champion Team USA at the 2017 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) InLine Hockey World Championship in Slovakia.

The Golden Knights’ John Siemer won the fastest skater award in the Men’s Pro skills competition. He won the same award at the NARCh West Coast Finals.



While NARCh draws participants on a global scale, the hockey hotbed that supports its starts at the local level.

Goodwin recently took over as the inline hockey program director at the Escondido Sports Center in North County San Diego. His goal is to nudge the sport forward in the southernmost region of the state with a strategy that has proven successful with NARCh.

“The plans are to get new players involved and build the (house) leagues up,” explained Goodwin, a nearby resident. “In addition, emphasis will be put on a learn-to-play program with new players under the age of 8.”

Goodwin is hopeful of working out a partnership with the San Diego Gulls American Hockey League (AHL) team to help provide impetus. Interestingly, Gulls defenseman Steven Oleksy is a longtime NARCh participant.

Oleksy, who appeared in 54 games for the Gulls last season, has played in 73 career NHL games with the Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins, winning a Stanley Cup championship with the Penguins in 2016.

Oleksy played for Team USA at the 2008 and 2009 IIHF InLine Hockey World Championships.

“He’s played a lot of NARCh and a great guy willing to help with kids,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin will start the new venture with the Summer Cup men’s tournament Sept. 22-23 at the two-rink Escondido facility. Divisions include Platinum, Gold and Silver for players born in the 2000 birth year or earlier.

“It’s the last official weekend of summer, so we are appropriately calling it the Summer Cup,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin was “super excited,” in his words, to announced that 28 brand new players had signed up for the Gulls’ Learn-To-Play program that faced off Sept. 8 at the rink.

Goodwin said the four-week program, which runs through Oct. 6, is designed for the youngest players (8U) and first timers to get properly introduced to roller hockey. Instruction will cover the basics in skating, stick-handling and shooting, but the emphasis is on having fun, he said.


There is no cost for this program. The Gulls have donated 15 sets of gear, not including skates. Loaner skates will also be available upon request for those that need them.

“I’m pumped about trying to make a difference locally,” Goodwin said. “When I do what I do with NARCh, but at a local level, I think it’s going to really give the sport its best chance to grow. My ultimate goal is to build up San Diego and then share what I’m doing so other markets can do the same.”

Programs at the Escondido Sports Center include those for players at the 10U and middle school age levels as well as high school teams. All three leagues held player evaluations and mini-scrimmages the first week in September.

More than 50 players have signed up for the high school league, which will include nine sessions from Sept. 12 through Nov. 14.

The 10U Youth League is scheduled to run through Nov. 10 and the Middle School League through Nov. 16.


Goodwin has launched a new website for programs at the Escondido facility:

2018 NARCh West Coast Finals
Skills Competition Winners


6u Division
Fastest skater: Cooper Bell (OC Marvel)
Sniper: Cooper Bell (OC Marvel)
Top goaltender: Julie Becerra (Lil Jets)

8U Platinum/Gold/Silver Division
Fastest skater: Ethan Sung (Labeda Jets Navy)
Sniper: Grady Schaefer (Bauer Renegades)
Top goaltender: Bridget Moore (RV Revolution)

10U Platinum/Gold Division
Fastest skater: Bobby Naro (Mission Mayhem)
Sniper: Isaiah Castro (Mission Mayhem)
Top goaltender: Sage Legaspi (Farm Tough)

10U Silver/Club Division
Fastest skater: Andrew Grant (Renegades 07)
Sniper: Mateo Zoretic (Mission Renegades)
Top goaltender: Jake Farnham (Renegades 07)

12U Platinum/Gold Division
Fastest skater: Cody Thomas (Revolution 05)
Sniper: Nathan Thurman (Bend Bullets)
Top goaltender: Ella Park (San Diego Rockets)

12U Silver/Club Division
Fastest skater: Connor Finch (Verbero Voodoo)
Sniper: Bryer Cagle (Bulldogs Blue)
Top goaltender: Christopher Martinez (Raiders Hockey Club)

14U Platinum/Gold Division
Fastest skater: Joey Mataviesko (Militia Grey)
Sniper: Anthony Yu (Pama Labeda Golden Knights)
Top goaltender: Ethan Valentine (Militia Grey)

14U Silver/Club Division
Fastest skater: Matthew Martin (NorCal Jokers)
Sniper: Jordan Tandy (AKS Red)
Top goaltender: Timo Schmitt (AKS Red)

Girls 14U Division
Fastest skater: Julianna Diaz (Bulldogs)
Sniper: Emma Tasevski (San Diego Rockets)
Top goaltender: Ella Park (San Diego Rockets)

16U Platinum/Gold Division
Fastest skater: Stephen Castagna (North Shore Zulu)
Sniper: Miles Harrington (Tour Lizard Kings)
Top goaltender: Colin Larson (Tour Lizard Kings)

16U Silver/Club Division
Fastest skater: Joey Mataviesko (Militia White)
Sniper: Wallace Stirbu (Militia White)
Top goaltender: Anthony Vadurro (Raiders NextGen)

18 Platinum/Gold Division
Fastest skater: Michael Colella (Tour Roadrunners)
Sniper: Michael Colella (Tour Roadrunners)
Top goaltender: Nathan tePas (Konixx Outcasts 00)

18 Silver/Club Division
Fastest skater: Dennis Norris (Konixx Outcasts)
Sniper: Frazier Tam (New Zealand)
Top goaltender: Cameron King (RV Revolution 00)

Men’s Gold/Silver/Bronze Division
Fastest skater: Joe Kubani (NCR Konixx Elite)
Sniper: Dailey Simpson (PNHL Mavin)
Top goaltender: Mike Erving (Mavin Tribe Silver/Bronze)

Men’s Platinum/Pro Division
Fastest skater: Jon Siemer (Pama Labeda Golden Knights Pro)
Sniper: Stephen Verstegen (Tricksters)
Top goaltender: Tommy Tartaglione (Tricksters)

High Scorer Awards/Youth Divisions
6U: Levi Waltersdorf (Farm Tough) 5.33 PPG
8U Platinum: Diego Gutierrez (Bauer Renegades) 5.5 PPG
8U Gold: Chloe Sapra (Bulldogs Blue) 2.4 PPG
8U Silver: Landon Jans (RV Revolution) 3.57 PPG
10 Platinum: Brenden Stirbu (Militia Grey) 1.83 PPG
10U Gold: Michael Zajac (Farm Tough) 1.6 PPG
10U Silver: Devin Rud (Renegades 07) 3.66 PPG
10U Club: Cooper Huang (RV Revolution 07) 2.86 PPG
12U Platinum: Francois Devilliers (Angry Ducks) 3.0 PPG
12U Gold: Aiyhden Martinez (Suicide Squad) 2.4 PPG
12 Silver: Dillon Bilek (Temecula Warriors) 5.6 PPG
12U Club: Caden Dance (Raiders HC) 2.0 PPG
14U Platinum: Danny Minnehan (Winterhawks) 2.71 PPG
14U Gold: Joey Mataviesko (Militia Grey) 1.67 PPG
14 Silver: Andrew Canales (NorCal Jokers) 1.67 PPG
14U Club: Thibault Caballero (AKS Red) 1.71 PPG
16U Platinum: Jaden Guzman (Revolution Black 01) 2.5 PPG
16 Gold: Ryan Bailey (Tour Lizard Kings) 1.86 PPG
16U Silver: Alexander Gunnoe (NorCal Jokers) 2.17 PPG
16U Club: Charlie Kennedy (AKS 01) 1.5 PPG
18U Platinum: Nick DellaMorte (Tour Roadrunners) 2.6 PPG
18U Gold: Christian Acosta (Revolution Black 99) 1.67 PPG
18U Silver: Evan Stapleton (San Diego Stingrays) 1,67 PPG
18U Club: Ryan Weick (Konixx Outcasts) 1.5 PPG

Top Goaltender Awards/Youth Divisions
6U: Devin Werbach (Farm Tough) .738 SPCT
8U Platinum: Julie Becerra (Labeda Jets Navy) .750 SPCT
8U Gold: David Ricci (Bulldogs Blue) .813 SPCT
8U Silver: Mary Worth/Kaylee Lam (Labeda Jets Gold) .774 SPCT
10U Platinum: Morgan Stickney (Pama Cyclones Blue 08) .819 SPCT
10U Gold: Tommy Kahle (Mission Mayhem) .838 SPCT
10U Silver: Jake Farnham (Renegades 07) .824 SPCT
10U Club: Ian Tyrrell/Bellina Huang (RV Revolution 07) .782 SPCT
12U Platinum: Spencer Helsing (Revolution 05) .833 SPCT
12U Gold: Kiera Tallas (Notion) .833 SPCT
12U Silver: Trevor Fife (Temecula Warriors) .884 SPCT
12U Club: Dax Myrdahl (Delta River Rats) .781 SPCT
14U Platinum: Lucas Massie (Winterhawks) .852 SPCT
14U Gold: Ethan Valentine (Militia Grey) .880 SPCT
14U Silver: Luke Neilson (Bend Bullets) .875 SPCT
14U Club: Samantha Reyes (Patriots) .897 SPCT
16U Platinum: Michael Harroch (North Shore Zulu) .975 SPCT
16U Gold: Nathan tePas (Konixx Outcasts 01) .882 SPCT
16U Silver: Luke Yuebta (Konixx Outcasts Black) .928 SPCT
16U Club: Ethan Valentine (Militia White) .867 SPCT
18U Platinum: Kevan Johnson (Tour Roadrunners) .932 SPCT
18U Gold: Eddie Wolpert (Raiders Yellow) .850 SPCT
18U Silver: John Norwood (NCR Konixx Elite) .893 SPCT
18U Club: Garrett Ruby (Konixx Outcasts) .848 SPCT


— Phillip Brents

(Sept. 16, 2018)

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