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Time to gear up for Homeschool Hockey with THE RINKS


For many families, August is a month where heading back to school seems to be all that anyone can talk about.

Whether it’s going back-to-school shopping and getting new supplies for the upcoming year or trying to squeeze in every extra second of sleep or those last few days at the beach, most kids in Southern California are preparing for that first day of school in one way or another. THE RINKS homeschool families, however, know that while the majority of kids are headed back to school, it’s time for them to get back on the ice with THE RINKS.

THE RINKS offer a variety of programs specifically tailored towards homeschool families, with Homeschool Learn to Play, Learn to Skate, Homeschool Hockey Initiation and Homeschool Skating sessions. THE RINKS’ homeschool classes are often scheduled during weekdays in the late morning or early afternoon and offer all participating families a fun and enjoyable opportunity to meet other homeschool families and learn how to ice skate and play hockey.


Tanner Privia, who plans and operates the homeschool programs at THE RINKS, is excited about the growth.

“Our homeschool initiatives have continued to grow and gain momentum over the past few years,” said Privia. “Last year alone, we saw over 600 homeschool participants join THE RINKS in each program.”

rinksNow an approved vendor for 12 charter schools across Southern California and Orange County, families are able to use funds given to them by the school to participate in THE RINKS’ homeschool programming.

“Becoming an approved vendor has been great not only for THE RINKS, but for our customers as well,” Privia said. “We have numerous families that belong to approved charter schools, with several more close to being approved. Everyone knows hockey and skating can become very expensive sports to participate in, especially at the higher levels. Our approved vendor status really helps to alleviate some of the financial burden for those families.”

In addition to being approved vendors for these schools, THE RINKS also offer discounts to homeschool families on all homeschool programming.

THE RINKS have expanded its homeschool program offerings since homeschool programming started in Nov. 2014, resulting in over 2,000 homeschool families participating in THE RINKS homeschool programs. With THE RINKS-Great Park ICE opening at the end of the year, THE RINKS will be able to expand their homeschool programming into this state-of-the-art facility just off the 5-freeway in Irvine and better accommodate homeschool families in South Orange County.

In addition to growing homeschool programming, the four-sheet facility will allow THE RINKS an opportunity to expand all programming and provide all youth hockey players and figure skaters in Orange County more outlets to compete and develop their skills. As THE RINKS continues to grow and expand homeschool programming, all homeschool families within Southern California and Orange County are encouraged to make a trip out to THE RINKS.

For questions about THE RINKS’ homeschool programs, visit or contact Tanner Privia at


(Aug. 16, 2018)

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